Luxury Santamaria Cruises

Halong bay is the most famous place to visit in Vietnam – The world heritage from 1994 and the new 7 wonders of the new world.The bay is 1500 Km2 – not small but normally get mixed up with another bays: Bai Tu Long Bay (to the north east) and Lan Ha Bay (to the South East).

Santa Maria Cruise is the pioneer 4 star member of SMG (Santa Maria Group) – this newest cruise of Halong bay visits the core zone of Halong bay with the most manificient part of the world heritate aimed to bring the best beauties of Real Halong to travelers under a dedicated services of young hearted team .

The Unique Advantage of Santa Maria Cruise is: All the guests’ cabins are not near the Engine which normally created noices to other Halong Bay cruises. Most cruises in Halong bay the restaurants will be on the 2nd deck and there are at least 2 rooms next to the engine.

The noice from the engine will effect the sleep quality of the customers next to it. This is not a problem of Santa Maria as our vessel engine is in basement floor and 1 floor away from the upper deck, 10 meters away from the nearest cabins in the same floor.

Noise has been minimized at its best possible in Santa Maria Cruise When the restaurant is on the upper floor of the cabins, the staff will need to prepare the breakfast and moving/setting up tables. It will be with chair moving, table settings, foot stepping on the celling of the customer’s cabins at 5.00 AM. 

This never happens to Santa Maria as our restaurant is in the lower floor of the guests’ cabins or at the same floor but meters away. Your sleep quality is utmost priority of Santa Maria Cruises. Food onboard Santa Maria Cruise is Vietnamese and International Fusion style at the care of the best chef and dedicated staff. We introduce to you various seafood, Vietnamese food and international food under delicious set menus and pay the utmost attention to food safety, decoration and nutrition. Santa Maria Cruise Shuttle bus is at the best of its available now in the market.

We are the pioneer to import the luxury Dcar of 18 seats (coverted from 35 seats bus). We use the high-speed way to connect Hanoi and Halong bay with no shop-stop and at the highest comfort and luxe. Top deck (Sundeck) is the stronger point of Santa Maria to other cruises.

We have a beautiful sky bar, The Leaf open air restaurant and 2 areas for sun bathings. The most interesting game in Santa Maria is the golf course which together with squid fishing can enrich the night life on cruise.